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Jiu Jitsu

Jiujitsu is widely regarded as one of, if not the most effective martial art for self defense. The meteoric rise of mixed martial arts offered a spotlight to jiujitsu, when a small, unassuming Brazilian named Royce Gracie made short work of his opponents during the first Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC). The sport was developed by Royce’s father and his brothers, who had been training in the traditional Japanese form. Jiujitsu was the first martial art to embrace fighting offensively from your back, where a smaller opponent may end up, by using technique and leverage to defeat larger opponents.

Kids classes

All too often, we ask our children to stand up for themselves against bully’s. Unfortunately, if we do not equip them with the confidence and tools to do so, we are setting them up for failure. Jiujitsu allows for a massive amount of live training under full speed, due to the ability to “tap out” and reset anytime a combatant is effectively beaten. Regularly training Jiujitsu will make your child far more confident in their abilities, and less fearful in the process. We always hope a confident confrontation stops a bully early on, but we prepare our youth for the scenario when it doesn’t.

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